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Here is a list of the services we offer, with a little elaboration. We handle various file formats, translate in various fields, and are generally quick to grasp your particular service need. Just mention it.

Translation Service

We translate all content types and formats. This includes documents, websites, books, apps/software, and any other content type.
Being a tech-savvy company, we are ready for any file formats, and quickly grasp any client requests. We are keen to ensure the correct output of content according to the source format.
We are also up to date with the CAT tools, and will easily adopt one if need be.
We offer this service across a range of fields such as Marketing, Life Sciences, Technology, Machinery, Hospitality, Art and many more.
We recommend review as a follow up service to translation.

Review Services

This is a broad service that involves a language check to confirm the accuracy of any translated material.

·       It can be bilingual proofreading of target language document against source, or independently editing a target document for any errors/changes.

·       It also involves proofreading of subtitles or transcripts, to check for any errors in grammar, accuracy or even sync.

·       You can also send in a translation to evaluate a linguist. You can send your own evaluation metrics, or request for our own inhouse metrics to evaluate a linguist.

Audio & Video

Our team can transcribe and subtitle your audio or video, and deliver SRT files, or any format you may require.
We deliver subtitles and transcripts according to your instructions.

As we are an IT enhanced company, we are quick to piece out any multimedia project you may have.


We give special attention to transcreation as a service. It means a lot to us to have your message to the world reach the target person just as you said it. We carry on the meaning, nuances, tone and even linguistic styles encoded in the original message.

We can transcreate your product name, slogan or important message to your language of choice.

Reach out to us and we will localize your content.

You have a different request?

You may have a different need. We just might help, or refer you to a trusted solution provider. Just contact us and let us know.