With many Texas immigration companies to choose from, why consider Reina & Associates? Here are a few reasons: We are also the only immigration team in the country that is part of a goal-oriented law firm that uses the law as a force for good, and this is reflected in our recent work when we called on the government to offer support and assurances to NGOs working to help their people on the ground in Afghanistan and join advocacy efforts. to help Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war zone. Click here to learn more about our immigration application rates. We never forget that behind every immigration decision is a living, breathing person whose future is in limbo. More than 90 years of experience – Our lawyers have more than six decades of experience in immigration law. We know exactly what THE ECI can and cannot do. We know all about ways to bring your loved ones here. You can count on us. We are a full-service company, which means we can handle issues that many other immigration companies can`t handle. And by using our own lawyers in other areas of practice, we generally avoid seeking outside advice, saving you time and money. Brian is best known for his experience in deportation advocacy, litigation, and the interaction of criminal and immigration laws. He has extensive experience in immigration litigation and complaints before the Immigration Appeal Board (BIA) and federal courts of appeal. He has rendered numerous decisions of the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, including Abdel-Masieh v.

INS, 73 F3d 579 (5th Cir. 1996), James v. Gonzales, 464 F.3d 505 (5th Cir. 2006), Waggoner v Gonzales, 488 F.3d 632 (5th Cir. 2007), Esquivel vs. Lynch, 803 F.3d 699 (5th Cir. 2015), Zhu vs. Ashcroft, 382 F.3d 521 (5th Cir. 2004), Zhu vs Gonzales, 493 F.3d 588 (5th Cir. 2007), and Saba Bakare v.

Chertoff, 507 F.3d 337 (5th Cir. 2007). It is an approach that works. Chambers and the Legal 500 rank us among the best immigration teams in the UK – to support families and businesses. Consulate Council – Mr. Reina previously served as legal counsel to the Mexican Consulate in Dallas on matters related to U.S. immigration law. If the government gives him such trust, you can feel safe doing so. Brian has been certified in immigration and citizenship law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) since 1984. For several years, he was a member of the TBLS Exam Board, which was responsible for writing the Immigration Specialization Certification Exam.

He has spoken at training conferences organized by the Texas State Bar, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the Federal Bar Association. He is a former president of the Texas chapter of AILA and former director of the AILA Board of Governors. He received two AILA Texas Chapter Litigation Awards (1988, 1996) and the 1998 Sam Williamson Mentor Award from AILA. He is listed in Best Lawyers in America magazine and has been named Texas Super Lawyer. Honors and awards – If you want a lawyer with a highly respected reputation, look no further. Our appointed partners have been selected several times to be on the list of the best lawyers in America. In 2002, Mr. Reina was named one of The Top Five Immigration Lawyers in Texas by The Texas Lawyer. Shaping the law – We do more than just understand the law. We help shape it. Mr.

Reina has successfully heard numerous cases on behalf of foreigners who oppose deportation. In fact, two of his cases set a new legal precedent. Let us use our experience for you. We can make a difference. Board Certification – Attorney Joseph Reina Certified In Immigration and Citizenship Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This means you can count on them for the most competent advice and advocacy. “I can`t forget how confident Mr. Reina was in the courtroom. He has charisma and character. “To know you is to know kind, considerate and caring people. “I thank Mr. Very much. Reina for giving me a new life.

Bates Wells was instrumental in our charity in obtaining the sponsorship license. They demonstrated a high level of expertise and professionalism. The license will be able to help us expand the people we can employ and our organization in general. We are grateful for their support and encourage other charities to take advantage of it. BRIAN K. BATES has over 40 years of experience exclusively in the practice of immigration and citizenship law. He received his bachelor`s degree and legal training from Southern Methodist University, where he received a bachelor`s degree in political science in 1976 and a doctorate in law in 1979. He began his law practice in Dallas and moved to Houston in 1990. Immigration law today affects people`s lives on many levels. their relationships, their work, their home, their finances, and even their ability to drive. Therefore, as we unravel the most complex cases, our consulting firm also looks at the bigger picture: for you, your family or your business.