International air operations under air bubbles have already resumed. In addition, scheduled domestic and cargo flights are operated normally. It is important that all passengers should check the latest Covid-19 protocol and visa standards of the relevant airline or embassy before starting their journey. Each state has issued specific guidelines for the Covid-19 protocol. However, no quarantine is required for passengers arriving with a negative RT-PCR certificate, provided that the test is performed within the specified period from the date of travel. Delhi Airport is the most active on social media We also ask you to abide by the guidelines regulated by the state and the central government in the interest of everyone`s safety. It is not recommended that children under the age of 10 travel as they belong to the high-risk group. In case of emergency, parents should consult their pediatrician to obtain the flight authorization and take the necessary measures. We kindly ask you to contact the airline concerned before booking a ticket for passengers under 10 years of age. We have implemented effective and efficient disinfection processes and there are trained cleaning staff who are able to maintain the accepted level by frequently cleaning and disinfecting the assigned areas. The disinfection activity planned for baggage claim, all other areas inside the terminals, including high contact areas, are monitored by a dedicated team to ensure strict compliance with procedures. Keep a distance of 4 feet from your fellow travelers while you travel! Follow the marks on the floor.

#FlySafe #StaySafe #IndiaFightsCorona We have also used a number of machines based on UV technology and disinfection tunnels, which will help disinfect various passenger contact points. Air India Evacuation Flight Schedule – 3 (June 10 – July 1, 2020) According to government-issued guidelines, the online registration form for self-declaration and exemption would be available here from 0001 a.m. from August 8, 2020. Until then, the process remains unchanged for all passengers arriving on international repatriation flights. However, scheduled international flights remain suspended. These restrictions do not apply to cargo operations and flights specifically approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC). Scheduled domestic flights have already resumed on 25 May 2020. Passengers are kindly requested to contact the relevant airline for more information. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

Put on a mask, not only for yourself, but also for others around you. #FlySafe #StaySafe #IndiaFightsCorona We have an improved cleaning system throughout the terminal – you can see our disinfection teams in operation 24/7. Do not risk in-flight contact. Simply print your boarding passes at home. #FLySafe Keep up to date with the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and from your national and local health authority. Most infected people suffer from a mild illness and recover, but this can be more difficult for others. When we start #FlySafe tomorrow, here are a number of guidelines you should never forget! #DelhiAirport wish you a very safe trip. For more information about the flight, please visit @MoCA_GoI @mygovindia #IndiaFightsCorona recommendation issued on August 27, 2020 for the operation of domestic flights. We have listed all the steps you would take to make sure you are completely safe.

Please do your part and stay #SocialDistancing while you prepare for #FlySafe. #IndiaFightsCorona this #LabourDay, we thank our #CoronaWarriors who continue to #WorkFromHub and prove to be the backbone of the #DelhiAirport in these difficult times. More power for these heroes! #WorkersDay #MayDay #May1st #LabourDay2020 #CoronaLockdown #StayHome #StaySafe Air India evacuation schedule – 6 (1 September – 23 October 2020). My Gov Corona Helpdesk (Whatsapp number): +919013151515 Make it a part of your daily routine, because all we want is for you to stay safe and #FlySafe! #StaySafe #IndiaFightsCorona IMPORTANT – For people who want to return to Delhi and stay! For more information, see #Flysafe While we know that these strict security measures may result in some bottlenecks, please understand that they are implemented for the safety and well-being of all travelers and staff. Domestic flight operations at Delhi airport have now resumed. Maiden flight 6E 643 DEL-PNQ (Pune) took off from T3 at 0445 hours. We wish all pilots a safe journey. For more information, #IndiaFightsCorona@IndiGo6E @MoCA_GoI @HardeepSPuri

We make sure that all taxis are smoked before each pick-up at #DelhiAirport. For more questions about travel, see #FlySafe #IndiaFightsCorona Thermal screening and quarantine of passengers are mainly carried out by the APHO (Airport Health Organization). Be patient with us if the processing time at the safety stands is a little longer. Follow the markings on the ground and meet the standards of the #SocialDistancing to make your flying experience a safe one! #FlySafe #IndiaFightsCorona passengers must arrive at least 2 hours before the departure of the domestic flight. Passengers are advised to check in online. Check-in lines from A to H are assigned to domestic airlines. Each airline is assigned a certain number of check-in lines. Passengers of one airline are not allowed to use facilities intended for another airline. For more instructions, check the Department of Civil Aviation website for more details: Markings near the baggage carousel have been made to ensure social distancing. This ensures strict adherence to social distancing standards by passengers and staff to minimize human contact.

Important announcement: All flights will be operated from #Terminal3. Please visit for more information on safe travel and combat #COVID19. #FlySafe #IndiaFightsCorona Notice vom 4. June 2020 – Preventive measures in restaurants. Delhi Airport has taken the necessary precautions for the safety of its employees and passengers. Pay attention to the sidelines! Be sure to keep a distance of at least 4 feet from your fellow travelers. #FlySafe #IndiaFightsCorona